Plinko Instant Win – Casino Game – HTML5 Board Game


Plinko Instant Win – Casino Game – HTML5 Board Game


Plinko Instant Win is one of the most famous games from the TV Show The Price is Right with a little twist. Instead of trying to make money, in this version you have a chance to win a car, a trip or money.

On top of that, you’ll have a chance to win a mystery gift.

The goal of the game is to make as much money as possible with the changes given. The game is very easy to play. Just drag the Plinko chip to the top of the Plinko board. Take aim at the prize you want to win by lining up the chip within an area where it can bounce around the board until it lands in the slot. Drop the chip and hope to land on the desired slot.

The game is ready to be published on your site. Just grab the html5 files and upload them to your server. That’s very simple!

  • Mobile and mouse controls
  • Work on all HTML5 browser and mobile devices
  • Easy way to add/replace images
  • Included Construct 2 file (source)
  • Included Construct 3 file (source)
  • Fully commented code (Construct 2 and Construct 3)
  • Configuration file to easily change some features of the game
  • Construct 2 File (source)
  • Construct 3 File (source)
  • HTML5 Game files (ready to be uploaded to your server)
  • Documentation – How to add it to your site
  1. gravity. That’s exactly what the name suggests. It controls the gravity of the chip in the game. The higher the value, the fast it will go down. If the gravity is too high, it will break the game.
  2. prize.The name of the 3 prizes in the game
  3. randomprize. If the prize amount will appear in order as listed on the prize key or randomly. There are only two possible values: yes or no (lowercase)
  4. redeemURL. The URL the player will be sent to collect the prize.
  5. mystery. This option to show the mystery box in the game. There is a 50% chance it will appear.
  6. redeemMistery. The URL the player will be sent to collect the mystery prize.
  7. developerURL. In case you reskin the game and want to add your logo to the game. This is the URL when someone clicks on it.
  8. window. This option is related to the redeemURL. If you want to send the player to a new window to redeem the prize, specify it here as new. Otherwise it will be open on the same window. There are only two possible values: new or same (lowercase)

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