Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Kick Counter(Android 11 Supported)


Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Kick Counter(Android 11 Supported)

We’re here to help future moms and provide them with all the information they will need.

The Pregnancy Tracker application is a convenient and simply irreplaceable assistant with a huge set of features and functions, the meaning of which is to help the expectant mother to have a great pregnancy, confidently prepare for childbirth and safely give birth to a baby.

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Kick Counter App Features :-

★ Week by week Pregnancy Tracker for a pregnant woman.

★ Log your moods, blood pressure, physical activity and personal note.

★ Kick tracker – Count your baby movements & check the history.

★ Contraction timer – helps you log time how long and how frequent your contractions are.

★ Prenatal Music and Meditation Music for relaxing

★ Pre-birth Bag Check List

★ Pregnancy Cost Calculator

★ Kegel Exercise

★ Log your Weight

★ Photo Library to keep photos of baby

★ Admob Ads Integrated(Interstitial, Native)

★ 64 Bit Compatible & Android 11 Supported

★ SDK 31 Integrated

★ Full Documentation Support with video

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