Quizbox – Flutter quiz application with reward : (Flutter/Laravel)


Quizbox – Flutter quiz application with reward : (Flutter/Laravel)

Quiz box is a flutter app template for quiz games with amazing new features like Rapid-fire rounds, Negative marking, Lifelines and many more. Anyone can create their own beautiful app within couple of hours with no programming knowledge. Using this Quiz app template, publishers or Admin can create quiz game app with mind blowing features easily, they can create multiple quiz categories and multiple quizzes in it and add as many questions as they want. This Quiz app template has some features, which has never been offered by any authors all over the internet.

Check the demo apps and let us know your thoughts.


Admin Panel:

User: tester
Password : tester

Demo App:


iOS App:




Quizbox app features:

  • Splash Screen
  • Elegant and unique UI of all time
  • Social sign in options
  • Mail sign in option with verification
  • See categories and popular quizzes on home page
  • Admob + Facebook audience network integrated
  • Beautifully designed native ads
  • Beautiful quiz play screen
  • Negative marking Quizzes
  • RapidFire Quizzes
  • Premium Quizzes
  • 2x earned Points by watching video
  • Lifelines while playing the quiz
  • 50:50 Lifeline
  • Double Dip Lifeline
  • Rewarded video ads
  • Place redeem requests
  • Check the status of redeem requests
  • Leaderboard
  • Turn On/Off sound while playing
  • Profile badges (Silver Player, Gold Player, Pro Player)
  • Refer and earn points
  • Push Notifications
  • And lot more….

Quizbox Admin features:

  • Dashboard
  • Create Quiz Categories
  • Create Quizes
  • Add Questions to quiz
  • Manage the users
  • Send push notifications
  • Manage game settings: (Refer reward amount, Rapid-fire time to answer) and lot more
  • Manage app settings: (Privacy policy URL, More apps URL, Terms of use URL)
  • Manage Ad network IDs (Android & iOS)
  • And lot more…

Check the demo and let us know if you need any customizations or improvements. We are ready to make the customizations on hourly rates.

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