Reverse Image Search


Reverse Image Search

A) Introduction

This app lets you search by images using ( Google, tineye and yandex, Engines ) instead of keywords Reverse Image Search is useful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsApp images, instagram, screenshots and memes. Tinder and Facebook users have used “Search by Image” to research profile pictures of their potential dates while travellers use it for finding the photo’s location

Main Features

  • Reverse image search using Google similar image search
  • Reverse image search using Tineye similar image search
  • Reverse image search using Yandex similar image search
  • Search by image/photo/picture by clicking Gallery button in the app
  • Search by image/photo/picture using camera
  • Search more about related information by Google, tineye and yandex search.
  • Share image to Facebook, Twitter, Line, Google+, Google Drive, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Email, Messages, Bluetooth, Picasa and etc
  • Easy image editor before search
  • Save screenshot to album
  • Share screenshot
  • SafeSearch filter option in settings


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