SaaS (Subscription) based Multiple Companies Employee Tracking Software – an Exceptional Platform


SaaS (Subscription) based Multiple Companies Employee Tracking Software – an Exceptional Platform

Top Features and Guide to use the app:

1. Suppose Your Company is “xyz” , So as a Boss Sign up/login to boss app with Company id like : xyz123. (example)
2. Sign up/login to employee app as an Employee of “xyz” company with that company id: xyz123.
3. As an Employee, Turn on available status on Employee app for live tracking and history. Give attandance to your boss
4. From Boss app, every individual boss can see only his company employees live moving
5. From boss app ,every individual boss will get the attandance,realtime histories of his company – employees
6. Bosses will buy subscriptions for their Companies.
7. Super admin can see all registered companies and can set subscription prices as well as payments
8. For realtime live moving and history savings of every employee, in employee app the available status must be turned on at Emplyee-Status Section.
9. every individual boss will get only his company employees data ( Realtime history+ Realtime Moving + Attandance)
10. Notifications will go to every individual boss for his company employees.
11. Subscription is set up Fully
12. Payment gateway set but you can change payment gateway according to your needs.
13. Background location tracking feature enabled.
14. A boss only get his employees data, he will not get other company-employees data
15.100% Realtime Features
16.Model is fully setup for Multiple Companies subscription based.
17.Subscription is setup with Monthly/Yearly wise + Attandance wise + Employee limit for each company wise
18.Millions of Company Bosses can create their Company id and profile/account at boss app.
19.Millions of Employees can signup as different Companies-employees
20. The company “XYZ” -boss can see only “XYZ” company -employees all data( Realtime history+ Realtime Moving + Attandance)
21. Renewal Subscription System
22. Realtime Moving, Realtime History, Realtime Notifications, Realtime attandance, Realtime Subscription checking etc are set there

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