Scribble World Physics Puzzle HTML5 Game – Construct 3


ribble World Physics Puzzle HTML5 Game – Construct 3

Scribble World: Physics Puzzle

Embark on a delightful physics puzzle adventure with Scribble World: Physics Puzzle. In this game you need to interact with physics based elements and hel Scribball to find a way out. Solve clever puzzles, find keys, collect coins and progress through challenging levels!

Made with construct3 without using any 3rd party plugins or addons; The game is compatible with pc, web browsers and mobile;

Includes Documentation file, Construct 3 project file (c3p) and Exported HTML5 game file ready to be uploaded to your web host;

Keyboard and Touch support;

Local storage and Persistent game data;

Easy to expand and create new levels;

Easy to change colors and create new beautiful colored levels;

Active support for adding features and updates;

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