SmartKit Pro – Flutter UI Kit


SmartKit Pro – Flutter UI Kit


Flutter Full App UI

  • Pure Beauty (Salon Appointment booking(Use Neomorphism Theme) App Flutter UI)
  • World Tour (Travelling(Use Glassmorphisum Theme) App Flutter UI)
  • Love Meet (Dating App Flutter UI)
  • Movie (Movie App Flutter UI)
  • GroBag (Grocery Store Flutter UI)
  • FoodMaster (Food Order and Restaurant App Flutter UI)
  • Crypto Tech (Bitcoin App Flutter UI)
  • Happy Shop (E-Commerce App Flutter UI)
  • eStudy (Online Learning App Flutter UI)
  • News (News Blog and Live Streaming News App Flutter UI)

UI Screen

    • Travel UI(2 Travel UI With Video and Animation)
    • Pizza Order UI
      • -Lottie Icon
      • Animation Product Size, Price, Pizza, Topping
          • Theme


        • Dark
        • Light
    • Toy Store UI(Custom Animation)
    • Footware Store
    • Simple UI (Image Animation)
    • Leaderboarder UI(4 Leadrborder UI Screen)
    • Login UI(11 Login UI include all full app as well as Animated)
    • Navigation Drawer(4 Screen)

-Navigation Scaler -Navigation collapsing Drawer -Navigation Slider With Header -Navigation Profile Drawer -Navigation Bottom Drawer -Navigation Iconic Drawer -Navigation Right Drawer

  • Profile UI(16 Screen)


    • Finger UnLock(Device Unlock Using Finger Unlock)
    • GoogleDrive
    • Localization
    • Dynamic Theme

-Dark -Light

    • Get Post
    • Firebase Login
    • Database
    • Simple FirebaseChat
    • Payment Gateway
    • Signature
    • AdMob
    • Scratch Card
    • Google Map
    • YouTube
    • Firebase DynamicLinking
    • Get Current Location
    • Read&Write File
    • Animation
    • Animated Login

-Listview Animation -Bouncing Button -Staggered Animation -LoginCurve Animation -Search animation

    • Graph & Chart:

-Bar Graph -Group Bar Graph -Horizontal Bar Graph -Pie Chart -Donut Chart -Line Chart -TimeSeriesChartActivit -Time Series Chart -Rtl Line Chart -Scatter Plot Chart -Combo Chart

    • Shape

-Different Shape -Appbar And Bottom Shape -Button And TextField Shape

    • 3D Element

-3D ListView -3D Drawer -3D Login -3D Animation

  • Pagination
  • Google Places
  • Marquee


    • Cupertino Widget

-Cupertino Button -Cupertino TextField -Cupertino DatePicker -Cupertino Switch -Cupertino Sliding Segmented -Cupertino TabBar -Cupertino Slider -Cupertino Dialog -Cupertino ActionSheet

    • Grid View

-Simple Grid -Staggered Grid -Gallery

    • BottomBar With Fab
    • Dialog Widget

-Alert Dialog -Single Choice -Custom Warning -Detail Dialog -Rating Dialog

    • Chip Widget

-Simple Chip -Choice Chip -Filter Chip -Input Chip

    • Image Slider
    • List Widget

-Simple List -Swipe Delete -List Sectioned -Sticky Header -Dragable List

    • Animation
    • Material Search Widget
    • Menu Widget
    • ProgressBar Widget

-Progress Bar -SpinKit Progress

    • Slider Widget
    • Range Slider
    • Stepper Widget
    • Tab Widget
    • Simple Tab

-Icon Tab -Text & Icon

    • Video Widget(5 Video UI Screen)
    • YoutubePlayer Widget
    • Fab Widget
    • Fab Shape

-Fab Animated -Fab Text Label

    • Bottom Widget

-Modal Bottom Sheet -Persistent Bottom Sheet

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