Squad Tower. Html5, Mobile (adMob). Construct 3


Squad Tower. Html5, Mobile (adMob). Construct 3

Do you want to become a battle hero?
You will find harsh towers with countless enemies. Drag and drop your hero to fight, unlock skins and weapons, and defeat relentless enemies. Collect money.
You have to go through more than a hundred towers, various enemies.
Squad Tower – is a great puzzle game that makes you think in math. This is a combination of action, strategy and combat puzzle.

Requires this Free plugin Spriter pro


-Made with Construct 3;

-Full game;

-HD (2640×1200);


-Mobile (ios, android), CrossPlatform;


-40 level;

-10 types of enemies;

-8 skins for the hero;

-10 types of weapons for the hero

Files included:

-Construct 3 project(*.c3p);


-512×512 icon;


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