Sudoku (Construct 3)


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Sudoku (Construct 3)


The rules of the Sudoku puzzle game are simple: each of the nine blocks(cells) has to contain a number between 1-9. Each number can only appear once in a row, column or box. The difficulty in a Sudoku puzzle game is in that each vertical nine-square column, or horizontal nine-square line across, within the larger square, must also contain the numbers 1-9, without repetition or omission. Every Sudoku puzzle has just one correct solution. Fill in the blanks with numbers from 1 to 9. Each block(cell),row, Column, or 3×3 number block must contain the number 1 through 9 exactly once to complete the puzzle to win the Sudoku puzzle game.

Key Features Of Sudoku:

– Construct 3 file included (.c3p).
– HTML5 Game File
– Auto generated levels – unlimited Levels.
– 7 Different Backgrounds you can change to.
– Auto-Save, the game saves all progress, no need to restart game on each load.
– Admob integrated for both iOS and Android
– Beautiful HD graphics.
– An Endless gameplay an unlimited amount of times.
– Very addictive, challenging game.
– Captivating and Brain teasing game.
– Play offline anytime even with out an internet connection.

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