Surah Ya-Sin | Islamic Single Surah App for Muslims


Surah Ya-Sin | Islamic Single Surah App for Muslims

This app is designed to help Muslims to learn read or recite Surah YaSeen directly from their smartphones.   Surah Yasin is one of the Qurani Surahs that Muslims love to read, listen and memorize to get the blessings of Allah Almighty.  Read and recite Surah Ya Seen every morning, angels will escort you throughout the day, it also act as a performance booster by making each of your task hurdle free.  Through this application, you can read and memorize the verses of Surah Yasin, and refresh your soul with heart touching recitations of the Surah.


  • Read Offline
  • Listen Offline
  • Translation available in multiple languages
  • Adjustable Arabic font size
  • Multi Ad Networks (admob ads, applovin ads, unity ads, mopub ads, ads)
  • Adjustable Translation font size
  • Translation Enable / Disable feature
  • Firebase cloud messaging
  • Firebase crashlytics
  • Firebase analytics
  • Android 12 Supported

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