Sushi Chef – HTML5 Game (Phaser 3)


Sushi Chef – HTML5 Game (Phaser 3)

Sushi Chef is a unique Match-3 game with Sushi restaurant theme, packed with beautiful graphics.

You have to pleased your customer before they lost their interest to eat and leave the restaurant unsatisfied. If you fail, your boss will fire you. But if you success, your boss will promote you to run another sushi restaurant.


– Swap sushi to matching


This game have 3 built-in stages/levels (bacground & characters set), also you can extend it’s stage.

Including 3 free game musics by Eric Matyas ( )

This game has been developed using Phaser 3, Phaser is a free open source HTML5 game framework


  • CloudArcade support
  • Source file (HTML5)
  • 960×1280px
  • Endless level option is shown when reaching end level
  • Cross-platform
  • Clean layout
  • Music
  • Localstorage to save game data
  • Small file size

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