Teego (iOS and Android) – Live Streaming with up to 4 participants, Feed, Paid calls and Payouts


Teego (iOS and Android) – Live Streaming with up to 4 participants, Feed, Paid calls and Payouts

Core Feature

  • Live Streaming with up o 4 participants and owner can remove and mute any participant
  • Push notifications for all devices (iOS, Android, Mac Silicon)
  • Push notifications for (Visits, missed calls, messages, followers, live Streaming nearby
  • Google Admob Open App ads
  • Agency system build-in, get 10 % of earning of any user you invite
  • Credit system with several categories
  • Gifts system with in-app purchases
  • Withdraw real money to Payonner and Bank Account (Diamonds earned from Live Streaming)
  • Realtime chat with Voice, Double tap to Like message
  • VIP, GOLD and Normal account
  • Live Streaming with Gifts and Diamonds system
  • Easy to translate to any language
  • Video and Voice calls Paid per Minute by caller
  • Swipe to Like or Nope with it’s a Match system
  • Filters and much more…

Feature Feed

  • Post images or photos
  • See, live, comment on any post
  • Report or block posts/user
  • Get push notification on any action in your post
  • and so much more…

Feature Live Streaming

  • See all Live Broadcasting around you or not
  • Begin your own Live Broadcasting
  • Send gifts to any Live Broadcasting
  • Live Streaming with up o 4 participants
  • Owner can remove and mute any participant
  • Refill your credits in Live Broadcasting screen
  • For Streamer: Get real money from gifts
  • Private Live Broadcasting require all participants to send gift before to watch
  • Follow live users to get notified when they begin new Live Broadcasting
  • Unfollow users
  • Comment and interact with everyone

Feature Messages

  • See all messages
  • Messages with status, read and not
  • Message type calls, message, gift
  • Realtime updates

Feature Chat

  • Send and receive messages
  • All messages in Real-time
  • Real status in realtime
  • User online and last seen status
  • Send message type: TextImage

Feature Calls (Video and Voice)

  • Call any user you want in chat
  • Caller pay 120 credits per minute for video and 60 credits for voice
  • Caller see credits left in realtime
  • Caller can recharge his credits while in call and see credits in realtime
  • Receiver get 69% on payments
  • Receiver see his/her earning in realtime during the app

Feature Search

  • Search any user by name
  • Search any Live by name or hashtags
  • get suggestions of trending tangs
  • Chaat with users or visit their profiles

Feature Withdraw

  • Withdraw all your earnings to bank account or payoneer account
  • Add or Edit your payoneer account
  • Add or Edit your bank account
  • See how much you can withdraw
  • Percentage of your current earning until ready to withdraw

Feature Report

  • Report user profile
  • Report Live Streaming
  • Report user photo
  • Admin can review and take decision
  • Admin can suspend or delete user account
  • Admin can terminal live streaming

Feature Coins/Credits System

  • User can purchase credits anywhere in the app
  • Credits can be used to send Gift in any Live Streaming/Broadcasting or spend during the call
  • Streamer or Call receiver gets Diamonds
  • Diamonds are converted to real money to be withdrawn
  • 69% of diamonds goes to User by default and the system takes the rest, can be changed
  • Diamonds can be withdrawn conversion rate is 50% by default, can be changed


  • Parse Server Backend (Back4app or Self-hosted)
  • Agora
  • Firebase


  • iOS App source code
  • Android App Source code
  • Cloud code file
  • Admin Panel source code
  • Documentation (Text and Videos)


  • Quick statistics (Users , Total Users Total Live Streaming and Total messages)
  • Installations statistics (Total installations, Web installations, iOS and Android Installations ).
  • See Users and Admin Users, Block, Suspend or Edit users
  • See all Posts and tak some actions
  • See all messages, and their info, type, Sender and Receiver, etc…
  • See all Encounters, and their info, type, liked or not, Receiver, etc…
  • See all Calls, and their info, type, duration, earns, sender and Receiver, etc….
  • See all Live Streaming, Live or Finished, their info, type, Streamer, coins, earn, etc…
  • See and Add new Gifts, price, add file, category etc…
  • See all Payment records, payer, currency, amount, etc..
  • See and Process all Payments requests from your streamers, to Payonner, Bank Transfer or PayPal
  • See and Process all Reports including Live Streaming, Profile ect…

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