Truck Bus Horn Siren Soundboard


Truck Bus Horn Siren Soundboard


Truck Bus Horn Siren Soundboard (Unity Apps) very simple to Reskin, You can make soundboard apps, vehicle sound, engine,and others very easily and quickly.

You can edit and reskin this source code for various types of music applications or sound applications.

The version of unity used is still using the 2017 version because it is still very stable and light for use on ordinary computer specifications.

There is a reskin guide that is very easy to understand.

If you have any questions, just contact the publisher.

Publish to Google Play Store, set your AdMob Id and Earn Revenue from this Apps.

Features :

1. AdMob Banner and Interstitial

2. Unity 2017.4.20f2 (Very Recommended)

3. Support All Android Device

4. Support 64bit Google Play Requirements

5. Easy to Reskin (Graphic and Music)

6. GDPR (Consent Notice) Support

7. Support New Android SDK

8. English Language Menu’s

9. Complete Documentation


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