Unsen – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS2.0


Unsen – Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS2.0

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Unsen is the next high-quality Shopify theme developed by our amazing team at The4. Similar to our Kalles and Gecko themes, we spent countless hours developing Unsen while also taking care of the user experience to ensure that stores using our new theme deliver a smooth, seamless experience for their customers.


We spent over a year designing and developing Unsen with the aim to bring fresh designs and bright colors to users who want to build a modern looking store. In addition, Unsen has been developed to be compatible with EComposer – One of the leading page builder apps on the Shopify app store. This unbeatable combination of Unsen + EComposer will help you create a store that is not only beautiful, but also user friendly and high converting.

Now it’s time to look at some of the outstanding features of Unsen.

1. Over 20 Impressive Demos

With over 7 years of experience and nearly 70,000 customers, we are continuously researching and designing eye-catching layouts to ensure optimal UI/UX for store owners who purchase a theme from us. Unsen will be treated the same as our other best-selling themes and receive new layouts and updates to create any niche store you may desire.

2. Responsive & Mobile-First

Responsiveness is a common standard that every Shopify theme should have. However, we don’t stop there! Unsen is completely optimized for mobile so that customers can navigate your store with ease. You can also active the Mobile Bar feature to add a sticky bar with buttons towards the bottom of the mobile screen. This will give your store a mobile app feeling, which will also help optimize conversion rates.

3. A New Generation Slider

Our new generation of sliders eliminates the boredom you have with a traditional slider and makes your website look more professional than ever. It allows you to display a background color in same tone as the slider image, making them a perfect match. In addition, the slider image and the content are displayed in two separate parts, which will help customers focus more on the message that the store owner wants to convey.

4. Product Page Optimization

The product page is quite possibly the most important page on your store, which is why we have spent a large part of our time focused on optimizing all aspects of a high converting product page. It’s a delicate balance of beauty and an optimal interface that helps convey enough information to customers to help them make their purchase decision fast. Unsen is equipped with a series of features to help increase conversion rates of the product page such as Countdown, Last Sale, Hurry Stock, Ask a Question, Trust Badge, and more!

5. Product Image Grouped

Instead of each variant showing only one product image, you can now configure it to display multiple images for a variant. It would be great for customers to be able to see the full images of a variant instead of having to contact customer support.

6. Unsen & EComposer – The Perfect Combo

EComposer is one of the leading page builder apps on the Shopify App Store and the perfect partner app to Unsen. Using it in conjunction with Unsen will help you create beautiful new sections of your choice that you can easily add to your theme. In addition, you’ll also have free full access to EComposer’s page library when you purchase Unsen. Ready to work with this amazing combo? Then head over to purchase Unsen here.

7. Unbeatable Minicart

The Unsen minicart is more than simply displaying the products your customers would like to purchase. Unsen’s minicart is incredibly intuitive, allowing customers to view wishlists, see their previously viewed products, add order notes, calculate shipping, enter coupon codes, view upsell products, and achieve free shipping with a free shipping bar. Your shop will be truly professional with this new generation minicart.

8. Product Variant Swatches

Unsen allows you to display your product variant professionally through a variety of pre-developed layouts. We currently offer 10 variant layouts that will make your product page look more professional than ever.

With our optimized Shopify 2.0 Ajax search function, it is easier than ever for your customers to find the product they’re searching for. Additionally, the search bar will expand to show recommend products as soon as your customer clicks the search icon.

10. Multiple Product Grid Variations

Replace the simple product grid layout you see on other themes with the 4 different product grid designs offered by Unsen. Your customers can now see which variants the product offers, save their favorite products using wishlists, compare products with each other, and use quickview for a faster shopping experience. Unsens product hover effect is so smooth and professional that it will make your store look stand out from the crowd.

11. Built-in Mega Menu

There’s no need to pay for an additional mega menu app, because Unsen has it natively built in. With this modern style mega menu, you can create a standard mega menu with columns, and add additional features like product grids, blog, and banners.

12. Advanced Ajax Filter

Create a seamless experience for your customers with filters powered by Ajax. With Ajax, your pages won’t need to refresh or reload when search parameters are changed, making it so when customers change filter options, the page updates quickly and easily.

13. $2100 a Year Saved with Built-in Features.

We don’t just focus on developing high quality layouts, but we also provide you with amazing features that will save you the monthly costs of multiple Shopify apps such as:

  • Top Bar Notifications
  • Catalog Mode: Can only be viewed but not purchased
  • Sale Notification Popup
  • Purchase Suggest Popup
  • Cookie Law Info
  • Age Verification
  • Wishlist & Compare
  • Infinity Scrolling
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Look Book
  • …And More

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