Veronik Store – Flutter 2x – WooCommerce Android & Ios e-commerce


Veronik Store – Flutter 2x – WooCommerce Android & Ios e-commerce

VeronikStore is an easy and simple to use app, inspired by Flutter (open source SDK created by Google), it helps you reduce time in the design, development and testing of a mobile application, VeronikStore is a complete solution that complies with the Most business requirements, including e-commerce functionalities, with extraordinary UX design and smooth performance on iOS and Android devices, allows your application to go to market with high profitability and productivity.

Veronik Store Plugin – Basic version is a plugin compatible with WordPress that gives you control over the App to make changes in the design and functionalities in real time, without having to update it in the Play Store or Apple Store.

Application Features:

  • Flexible design:you can configure the home page, category, blog of a easy way, plus you have a wide variety of integrated components such as the view of products in several columns, sliding sliders among others.
  • Better End User Experience:It will allow the user to final (buyer) can enable push notifications, view and create wish lists, have order history, rate the application, switch to night mode and place the application in the language of your preference.
  • Instant Synchronization:the application connects to your website via the Woocommerce API, which will allow the data to be updated without waiting and without problems.
  • Quick Search:quick product filter, allowing you to search according to a price range, labels, product category among other methods of searches.
  • Hassle-free UX checking:Cart / Delivery / Payment / My order.
  • Multi-Languages:support to switch to any language and easy to add your own.
  • Easy registration:support login via email.
  • Dynamic Home:change the order and design of the home, create your own style.
  • Multiple functionalities:you are the one who will decide how you want the application if you want it in catalog mode, online store, budget request it is designed to adapt to whatever your need is.
  • Collections:Dynamic and unlimited pages where you can place what you want.
  • Adaptive Login:Where do you need the user to log in? yes you still don’t know quiet, change it in the future with a couple of clicks.
  • Veronik Store Plugin – Basic Version:NO more code changes, do everything from the plugin that gives you control over structures and functions really important.

Important: before making the purchase of this product, you must have some experience running applications in flutter, to perform the corresponding tests.

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