VirtexCoin | Web 3 ICO/IEO/IDO dApp – Crypto Fund Raiser


VirtexCoin | Web 3 ICO/IEO/IDO dApp – Crypto Fund Raiser

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VirtexCoin | Web 3 ICO/IEO/IDO dApp – Crypto Fund Raiser is a full ready-made dApp for your own cryptocurrency coin project – this software helps you to launch your token with its pre-sale (ICO/IDO/IEO) and contains a token locking feature on the sale form. This means that tokens are held on the smart contract until the sale finishes, and after the sale, investors can claim their bought tokens via the unlocking form. The deployer wallet (owner) has only full control of the collected funds.

Ready-Made Crypto Scripts

  • DEX for BSC Network
  • DEX for ETH Network
  • DEX for Polygon Network
  • Laravel DEX Multi-Blockchain (Supported Blockchains: BSC, ETH, Polygon)
  • Crypto Multisender (Bulk Send)
  • Crypto Pre-Sale (ICO) for BSC Network
  • Crypto Pre-Sale (ICO) for ETH Network
  • Crypto Pre-Sale (ICO) for Polygon Network
  • Crypto Referral
  • P2E Games
  • Learn to Earn dApp
  • Crypto Airdrop
  • Crypto Staking
  • Custom Development

You can set your token price, allocate the token amount you want to sell on the sale (from the total supply), add as many whitelisted tokens as you like, and much more. It’s fully compatible with the BSC and BSC Testnet, an easily modifiable website, built on the most recent technologies.

On each purchase, all funds go directly to the owner’s wallet, and not on the contract, so make sure you don’t share your private key with any other person!





  • Basic Token Smart Contract
  • Sale Smart Contract
  • dApp (written on React JS)
  • Documentation


Website Features:

  • Web 3 Buy Token Form
  • Web 3 Unlock Token Form (After the sale has finished)
  • Trust wallet support
  • Token Vesting
  • Metamask wallet support
  • More than 70+ other wallet support (by Wallet Connect v2)
  • Progress bar of raised capital
  • Balance validation on purchase
  • Approve not native currency before purchase
  • Automatic Chain Switcher
  • Modifiable progress bar (increase the raised amount)
  • Fully integrated Blockchain Contract
  • Fully responsive UI
  • Funds go to the owner’s wallet directly on the token purchase
  • Easily modifiable texts
  • Multi-language support
  • Beautiful and Modern UI
  • Whitepaper Button
  • Social network icons
  • Footer
  • And more


Smart Contract Features:

  • Start/End Sale (Without any hardcoded dates)
  • addPayableToken (To add USDT, BUSD, USDC, DAI, or any other coin as an accepted payment method)
  • payableTokenStatus (To disable any payable token – if needed)
  • updateTokenRate (To change the price for your own token)
  • And more



  • Metamask or Trust Wallet
  • BNB (For gas fees)
  • VS Code Editor

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