WhatsApp Sticker Maker | iOS | Swift | AdMob | Ready to submit


WhatsApp Sticker Maker | iOS | Swift | AdMob | Ready to submit

The best sticker library in the world on your phone.

Download Top Stickers and get access to thousands of sticker packs to use on WhatsApp or iMessage.


Top Sticker is a social network where everyone can create, share and explore stickers. There are thousands of packs available and hundreds of new packs are added every day. In addition to the packs available in the app, you can use our powerful creation tool to create your own stickers.

WhatsApp now makes it possible to share animated stickers, but (as of this version) it is not yet possible to import them from other apps. For now, you can search for GIFs and make & edit animated stickers from them, and you can import them into some of the other messaging apps. File formats & sizes for animated stickers vary widely between messaging apps for some apps, the necessary compressions can make your sticker look different in the messaging app from how it looks in the editor – for example with fewer frames. For best results, use animations that are short and simple!



• Use the magic wand to remove the background from your photos instantly.

• Add colourful borders to your stickers.

• Write texts on the stickers and use several different fonts.

• Use the eraser to erase the background with your finger.

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