Whizbiz Pro – Complete Business Directory Script


Whizbiz Pro – Complete Business Directory Script



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  • Front end demo – https://webhelios.com/app/whizbizpro-demo
  • General user login – ([email protected] , 12345)
  • Admin demo – http://webhelios.com/app/whizbizpro/index.php/admin
  • Admin login – (admin , 12345)
  • Read Online Documentation for better understanding of script features
What a Visitor Will Get:
  1. Search Business Based on Category
  2. Search Busness Based on Current GEO Location
  3. Search Busness based on City, State, Country
  4. Search using text input
  5. Check Key Information and Detail of Businesses
  6. Find location of the business and Check the Street View
  7. Check Social Links of a business
  8. See and Contact Business Owner via provided information
  9. See Operating Hours for Business
  10. Check amenities and Special informations
  11. Check and Give Review and Rating of a Business
  12. Mark Business as favourite
  13. Check offers given by a business
  14. Check all offers given by businesses
  15. Claim Or Report a Business
What a Business Owner(General Users) will Get:
  1. Create Business page
  2. Upload logo, image gallery
  3. Create Various Offers for Business
  4. Put social links and business hours for visitors
  5. Recieve Emails from visitors
  6. Send Bulk Email to Interested Peoples
  7. Do a paid Promotion
  8. Check Payment histories
  9. Update profile information
What Site Owner(Admin) will get:
  1. Generalize Dashboard
  2. Business Posts Management
  3. Reported and Claimed Business Management
  4. Categories and Sub Categories Management
  5. Packages to take payment from users for creating Business
  6. Packages to take payment from users for Featuring their business
  7. Manage Country, State, Cities
  8. Manage Amenities for separate categories
  9. Manage Custom fields for separate categories
  10. Manage Banner from banner settings
  11. Manage pagination, Currency, Post Approval etc from Content Settings
  12. Manage Social Login
  13. Manage Comment Box
  14. Manage Social Share Buttons
  15. Manage Search panel Out look and filter from settings
  16. Manage Map from map settings settings
  17. Control email sending from SMTP email settings
  18. Control system parameters from System settings
  19. Manage Paypal Setttings
  20. Manage Payment histories
  21. Mask any url with SEO friendly url
  22. Add SEO meta tags for any page
  23. Take payment via paypal or bank payment
  24. Control languages, logo, watermark
  25. Send news letter
  26. Send bulk email to users
  27. Customize email texts
  28. Create, Ban, Delete User
  29. Create, Edit, Place widgets to control page Content
  30. Place Adsense using widgets
  31. Create bolg post, news or articles
  32. Create Manual Pages
  33. Manage Main Menu through drag drop interface
  34. Create and Manage backup
  35. Generate site map
  36. Clean Unused image
  37. Can control almost any features from admin panel using 200+ Settings

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