Youtubely – Native Youtube Channel Android App


Youtubely – Native Youtube Channel Android App

Youtubely is a native Android Youtube channel app designed to supply content creators with tools to stay in touch with their community and to seek more reach with each upload. With its notifications tool and minimal appearance, it will grant your audience a unique experience exclusive to your channel!


  • Clean & Minimal Design.
  • Easy to Setup, Configure and Maintain.
  • Built with the latest Android Studio, Gradle and SDK.
  • Reduce Glare with Dark Mode.
  • Google Firebase notifications with notification page.
  • Google AdMob native ads supported.
  • Favorite videos page.
  • Play videos in fullscreen.
  • Channel details
  • Shimmer effect support
  • Autoplay videos option support
  • Video comments support
  • Related videos feature supported
  • Responsive, Landscape and Tablet Supported.
  • Share videos with contacts, friends and social accounts.
  • Rate Us feature.
  • Search videos and support for voice search
  • Playlists supported
  • Fullscreen mode option supported.

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