Cab Booking Android + iOS App Template | 2 Apps Passenger + Driver | Cabira | Flutter


Cab Booking Android + iOS App Template | 2 Apps Passenger + Driver | Cabira | Flutter


Cabira app helps to hire a private driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on any smartphone device. A nearby driver often arrives to pick you up within minutes.

Cabira App can be a great choice for your service provider App. It is a modern-based and easily customizable App template.


Cabira can be used for the following clones: Ola Clone, Uber Clone, MeruCabs Clone, Fasttrack Cabs Clone, Lyft Clone, gett Clone, EasyTaxi Clone, Curb Clone, Vá de Táxi Clone, 99Taxis Clone, Gojek Clone, GrabTaxi Clone, LeCab Clone, G7 taxi Clone, VivaVan Clone, Little Cab Clone, Oga Taxi Clone, Yookoo Rider Clone, Snapp Clone, LeCab Clone, Clone, Careem Clone, DTC Clone, Kiwi Taxi Clone, Cabify Clone, InDriver Clone, Peppea Clone, PTG Travel Clone, book taxi app, cab booking app, cab service app, call my cab app, hire a car app, my cab app, taxi booking app, taxi booking app builder, Taxi booking software, taxi dispatch software, taxi for sure app, taxi app, cab app, on demand taxi app, Addison Lee Clone, Kapten Clone, Oga Clone, Bolt Clone, Carxie Clone, Lyft Clone, EzCab Clone, MyTaxi Clone, app taxi Clone, GrabTaxi Clone, GoBike Clone, All Thai Taxi Clone, goCatch Clone, ingogo Clone, Yandex taxi Clone, Bolt Clone, Karwa Taxi Clone, Qatar Taxi Clone, Talixo Clone, BlackCab Clone, UGO Taxi Clone, etc.

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