Christmas Shooter – HTML5 Game, Construct 3


Christmas Shooter – HTML5 Game, Construct 3

Christmas Shoot is a festive ball shooting game where you aim to shoot Christmas-themed balls upwards. The goal is to match three identical balls to score points. The game offers four different character options, each corresponding to a specific speed level. You can switch between characters by tapping the change character button.

The game features two modes: timed and untimed. In the timed mode, you race against the clock to score as many points as possible within a given time limit. In the untimed mode, you can enjoy a more relaxed gameplay experience without any time constraints.

However, be cautious! If the balls descend too far down, reaching a certain depth, it will result in a game over. So, it’s crucial to aim accurately and shoot strategically to prevent the balls from falling too low.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of Christmas as you shoot and match colorful balls to earn points and set high scores. Challenge your skills and enjoy the captivating gameplay of Christmas Shoot!


  • Touch controls
  • Keyboard controls
  • Works on HTML5 browsers
  • HTML folder ready to upload
  • HTML5 and source files ready to be uploaded to your server
  • Keyboard and Touch Controls
  • Rename the HTML 5 folder to any name you like (don’t use space or special characters)
  • Upload the entire folder you renamed to your site (Check your host provider for FTP access)
  • That’s it!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking.

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