Digital Coloring Book for Kids – Kids Drawing App for Painting and Coloring


Digital Coloring Book for Kids – Kids Drawing App for Painting and Coloring

Digital Coloring Book for Kids – Kids Drawing App for Painting and Coloring is a beautifully designed and developed iOS native application for kids to help them explore their creativity and unleash their drawing skills by splashing colors and learning the art of painting.

It’s a full fledged digital coloring book for kids built in native iOS technology, with many exciting features, written in XCode using latest Swift version and compatible with all the latest iOS versions and supporting all the latest iOS devices.

The user interface design and usability experience are beautifully designed with modern and latest trends. Along with that integration of Admob Ads, both banner ads as well as interstitial ads, makes it a perfect and ultimate choice.

Let’s take a glance at the features of this kids coloring book application:

Color Tool – Pick up a color o your choice from more than 100’s of colors shaded and apply colors on the drawings

Pen Tool – Draw anything or make sketches using pen tool. The tool provides up to 10 different sizes of Pen thickness

Brush Tool – Draw lines or shapes using brush tool. The brush tool comes with special effects like Neon and Blur styles to give artistic effects. The brush tool can also be customized up to 10 different sizes

Eraser Tool – Oh! You want to remove some part. The Eraser tool helps you erase and remove the mistakes easily. It’s needless to say, you can customize the eraser size up to 10 different levels

Shape Tool – Draw various types of Shapes like Lines, Arrow, Polygons, Stars, Square, Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Triangle and lot more

Sticker (Stamp) Tool – Apply various types of stickers to your drawing from our variety of collection of best handpicked stickers. You can easily add your stickers too

Undo and Redo – Made a mistake? Oh! You can easily undo or redo your last action step in just one click

Save and Reset – Ah! You made a fantastic work by coloring the drawing pages and applying the effects. It’s time to save and share your artwork. You can easily save your work. You can also Reset the whole artwork in case you made some mess and want to start from fresh.

Categorized Collection – The digital coloring book for kids comes with a huge categorized collections of drawing books. Kids drawing app for painting and coloring has various categories of drawing book specially for kids. The application serves with more than 100 digital coloring pages to help the kids learn drawing and coloring

Local notifications – Reminders to keep your kids alert and motivated to learn the art of coloring and painting daily without missing a single day

Beautiful interface and intuitive experience – Eye pleasing interface, easy to use and flawless experience brings the extra charm to the app

Offline Support – The app does not requires internet connection and works in Offline mode too

Digital Coloring Book App for Kids Coloring app for kids allows the kids to color the coloring pages having outline drawings and help kids learn the art of drawing and coloring and have fun at same time using coloring games. The Painting and drawing app for kids contains 100+ coloring pages across 8 different categories designed for toddlers and kids to keep them entertained and busy.

Coloring Book App for Kids is filled with fun, colorful, and creative drawing and painting tools that help kids of all ages enjoy creating art of drawing, coloring and painting

Get up and splash up your kids creativity by helping them explore their drawing and coloring skills

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