Flutter Video sharing app like tiktok dubsmash Clone – Acoustic


Flutter Video sharing app like tiktok dubsmash Clone – Acoustic


New Feature

– implement chat functionality.
– implement the provider state management.
– implement deeplink.

Bug FIxes


  • fix Blocked profile is displayed , viewed, followed, unfollowed. It should not come in the view.
  • fix In Edit profile page toast error.
  • fix Search Is not working in User profile page->click on followers and following.
  • fix Comment icon is displayed even when comment is off.
  • fix description is empty than display status is empty.
  • fix design in trending video page when user click on header menu icon.
  • fix menu name is not proper on header.
  • fix click on following button open followers tab.
  • fix video cann’t open – Other profile’s user’s video cannot be played.
  • fix radius difference in icon of mute and unmute button.
  • fix can directly follow and unfollow from home page even if single profile is requested in the home page, there is follow button showing.
  • fix even when video description is small, “more” button appears with no content furhter.
  • fix In user setting private – public account setting is not working.
  • fix register scrolling issue – register while adding password its covered by keypad it’s not properly responded.it’s cover bydefault keypad of mobile phone also it can not be scrolled up.
  • fix audio used in video is not displayed while watching video on feed.
  • fix display no post available instead of loader.
  • fix even when private account is requested to follow, there is showing “unfollow” button.
  • Fix change design in hashtag page.
  • fix from hashtag search button, you cannot go back.
  • fix while adding music in favorites from video, music is added in favorite, but while removing from favorite, it is not removed but instead added.
  • fix while liking video, the video goes in like, but when disliking it is added in like itself and not in dislike.
  • fix block user cann’t unblock from block user profile.
  • fix videos of private account is displayed on the “trending”.
  • fix responsive error of password covered by keypad while adding password.
  • fix notification page click on delete button is not working.
  • fix user request is still displayed after clicking on delete button in notification page.
  • fix there is display of the post of private account on feed even when user is not following.
  • fix more description ones opened, stays open in every next video.
  • fix same notification display more than one time.
  • fix while uploading video, video is unable to play but only music is playing.
  • fix times start automatically – while setting the timer for uploading video, the video starts on its own without clicking on the start button. It does not wait for user to click on start button.
  • fix profile picture design issue in edit profile page.
  • fix like tab in open any video after click back button then move to posts tab in profile page.
  • fix following list in any user click on unfollow after that the following counting not change.

New Feature 1. Cann’t open another video in their profile. 2. add skip login button in login. 3. search page hashtag videos will play now. 4. save video can open in profile screen. 5. change date picker in edit profile page.

You spent thousands of dollars and years trying to create a successful short video app, but there’s never been a platform that had everything you needed before. Now, you can use Accoustic to launch your new app in minutes with less efforts. Whether you are a developer, business owner, marketer, advertiser or social influencer, you can use Accoustic to launch your own successful video app. No matter the niche you’re in, be it gaming, fashion, beauty & wellness or travel – create an app that captures passions of users.


Feature highlights

  1. See videos.
  2. Like, comment and engage with content.
  3. Clutter-free playback and recording modes.
  4. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
  5. Block or unblock users.
  6. Instant push notifications with FCM.
  7. Manage user verification status.
  8. Disapprove inappropriate videos.
  9. Download and share with watermark + username.
  10. Record new video or upload existing.
  11. Choose music from phone, library or existing video.
  12. Recording with start/stop timer.
  13. In-app audio adjustments
  14. Real time camera filters.
  15. Apply filters to existing videos.
  16. Privacy on video clips and comments.
  17. Start hashtag challenges from admin panel.
  18. Customizable about screen.
  19. Emoji keyboard (iOS, Google, Facebook & Twitter).
  20. Custom image (GIF/JPG/PNG) + link ads from admin panel.
  21. Banner/interstitial/native ads by Google AdMob.
  22. Upload clips directly from admin panel (requires FFmpeg).
  23. Promotional banners from admin panel.
  24. Admin panel has user, staff and admin roles.

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