Popup Box – WordPress plugin for easy create Popups


Popup Box – WordPress plugin for easy create Popups

New WordPress Popup plugin for easy creating awesome popups with any content. Popup Box for WordPress gives you the ability to easily create popups with different behaviors and designs.


Add additional triggers to open a popup such as: Exit, Hover, Right Click, Select Text. Make your popups more functional.

Forced Interaction

Disabling the close button can be used in a variety of ways, from protecting content or areas of your site to forcing users to complete an action before continuing.

Show only once

Possibility to show the pop-up window only once for the user.

Redirect visitor on close

Defines if the visitor gets redirected to another URL after the popup gets closed.

Auto Close

This will help you lock the screen for some time so that the user can read the necessary information.

Video Support

Create the ultimate WordPress Video Popup for your marketing videos in minutes.


Embedded any web page in popup content via shortcode.


Add scheduling options to your popups. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your popups in just a few minutes.


33 different animations for show and hide popup and overlay. Make the appearance of your popup more attractive

Targeting for Users Role

Target specific sets of your users with new conditions such as User Roles & Login Checks.

Display on Taxonomy

The ability to display pop-ups only in taxonomies. Works with WooCommerce, EDD, and other plugins with taxonomy.

Multi language

The condition for display the popup depending on the language of the site. It is good to use if you have a website in several languages and you need to show different popups for a different language.


Ability to deactivate the display of popups in selected browsers.

Live Editor

Creating the popup style live.

Highly Customizable

Build a more powerful and influential style for your popups – add background images, add font style for popup overlay, content and close button set different close button positions.

Devices control

You can specify for which devices to show the popup.

Specific pages

Show the popup on the specific pages.

Without jQuery

The plugin works without the jQuery library, only JavaScript.

The plugin does not use cookies and complies with GDPR.

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