WooCommerce Ultimate Pricing


WooCommerce Ultimate Pricing



According to the AIDA purchase funnel, the main action to buy a product on your website is very much price dependent. Today many WooCommerce shops use sale promotions or dynamic discounts to create a sense of urgency for their customers, and you should too. Our ultimate pricing plugin for WooCommerce helpds you setting up dynamic product pricing, cart discounts & free products and tiered pricing. All bundled within one ultimate plugin, so you do not have to buy several ones.

Why do you need this?

  1. Use Dynamic Product Pricing to increase your Sales
  2. Cart Discounts & Free products boost conversion rates
  3. Use User role pricing to grant % discounts
  4. Tiered pricing helps you sell higher quantities & volume

One of the main features of our plugin is dynamic product pricing. This allows you to setup different pricing models & rules based on certain parameters like user roles, product categories or tags, count of reviews written or orders made and much more.

  • Grant 10% discount on all B2B User Roles
  • $10 discount on all Hoodies this weekend
  • 5% discount for customers who have written 10 reviews

Beside discounting product prices, you can also grant your customers cart discounts or free products. This cart discounts (percentage or fixed amount) can depend on count of cart items, count of quantities in cart, subtotal value or user roles for example.

  • Get 10% Cart Discount when cart quantity count is 5 or higher
  • $20 Discount for a cart subtotal of $1000+
  • 5% discount when a hoodie is in cart

Granting discounts based on tiers is a well common method in ecommerce to generate higher volume sales. Use this opportunity and discount your product prices based on the quantity a user buys. This can be set on global, category or product base.

  • 10% Discount for quantities 5-9
  • $5 discount for quantities 1-5
  • 20% discount for 10+ quantities

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