Retro Snake – HTML5 Game, Construct 3


Retro Snake – HTML5 Game, Construct 3

Retro Snake is a classic arcade game that takes you back to the golden era of gaming. In this game, you control a snake using the arrow keys, navigating it through a grid-like environment. Your objective is to avoid bombs and other snakes of varying colors while devouring as many fruits as possible. The more fruits you eat, the longer your snake grows, increasing the challenge and excitement.

The game offers a variety of skins, allowing you to customize the appearance of your snake. Choose from a range of vibrant and eye-catching designs to make your snake truly unique.

As you play Retro Snake, your reflexes and strategic thinking will be put to the test. You must carefully plan your moves to avoid collisions with obstacles and other snakes, while also aiming to collect as many fruits as you can. It’s a thrilling race against the clock as you try to achieve the highest score possible.

Whether you’re a nostalgic gamer or someone seeking a fun and addictive experience, Retro Snake is the perfect choice. Enjoy the simplicity and charm of this retro-inspired game as you embark on an exciting adventure filled with colorful obstacles, mouth-watering fruits, and endless entertainment. Get ready to slither your way to victory!

  • Touch controls
  • Keyboard controls
  • Works on HTML5 browsers
  • HTML folder ready to upload
  • HTML5 and source files .c3p ready to be uploaded to your server
  • Keyboard and Touch Controls
  • Rename the HTML 5 folder to any name you like (don’t use space or special characters)
  • Upload the entire folder you renamed to your site (Check your host provider for FTP access)
  • That’s it!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking.


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