Ricochet Arrow – HTML5 Casual game


Ricochet Arrow – HTML5 Casual game


1. Use as many arrows as you need, but be smart enough and don’t shoot yourself an arrow. 2. If possible, finish off the skeletons!   (30 levels)


Note: This game uses native collision from the engine’s ‘Bullet’ behavior. In a few moments there is likely to be inaccuracy of angles and collisions, such as projectiles bouncing off wrong angles, escaping the layout or even passing through solid objects.


Landscape (1280×720)


Made in Construct 3. No third party plugins\behaviors. 




– Works in most browsers.

– Mouse and touch controls.

– Easy way to add/replace images.

– Included Sources: Construct 3 (r293.3)


What you get

– Documentation.

– Construct 3 Files (source).

– HTML5 Game files.

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