SMSLab – Android SMS Gateway Server


SMSLab – Android SMS Gateway Server

SMSLab is a simple and professional Android App that is part of the “SMSLab – Android Based SMS Gateway Server” CMS.

With the help of our Android App, you can easily send single, multiple, and bulk SMS messages using your phone as an SMS gateway. You can turn the gateway on or off instantly. You can track SMS Reports (Sending Status) by using this app. You can also view incoming SMS on your phone from the admin panel. You can send or receive SMS from any SIM

SMSLab, is a simple and professional Android App based SMS-sending system that comes with Android Apps and PHP Laravel. Its most the cheaper solution for SMS Business, SMS Marketing, and avoiding dnd. It’s developed for those people who are interested to create their own SMS Services or who need a personal SMS system to promote their business. 5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages. That’s about 65% of the world’s population. 23 billion SMS messages are sent every day worldwide. Expectedly, the number of messages sent daily worldwide is much higher.

If are you looking for a complete Android Apps based SMS marketing solution system for your business, then you are in the right place. No need to pay thousands of dollars to hire developers to build your SMS Sending Website. SMSLab, may assist you to handle unlimited SMS, users, Sending, reports, and more. the ready-to-go solution, it takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. we are also here to provide you best support, installation, and customization if you need it. hurry up, get your copy and start your business today.


QR Code sign-in:
there is no need to manually enter the server URL and credentials in the app. You can directly log in by scanning the QR Code.

Track Message Status:
Displays the status of messages sent through the app in the admin panel

Supports long messages:
You can send more than 160 characters in a Single SMS.

Supports SMS delivery reports:
You can track SMS Delivery Report. If the SMS is sent successfully, it will be reported as “delivered”.

Support dual SIM Devices:
You can send messages or receive messages using any SIM

Send Unlimited Message:
You can send unlimited SMS (depend on your sim operator).

– Easy to Install / Setup..
– Clean and simple app
– Use your phone as an android gateway server.
– The customer will use their SIM to purchase an SMS package.
– Can cut down on supplemental costs while buying SMS.
– No need for any dedicated phone for using this app.
– No SMS character limit
– QR code sign-in (Easy sign-in method)
– Track SMS Delivery Report
– Receive SMS
– Support dual SIM devices
– No need to integrate any third-party SMS Sending SDK.
– Well documentation.
– Easy to customization.
– Modern dark user interface.
– Premium and quick support.

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