Tetris Game (Construct 3 | C3P | HTML5) Advanced Game


Tetris Game (Construct 3 | C3P | HTML5) Advanced Game

Tetris Game (Construct 3 | C3P | HTML5) Advanced Game.




– Shapes Falling (Tetris) Game.

– Shapes and Colors Auto Changing.

– Made in Construct 3.

– HTML5 included (For Your Website).

– C3P File Included.

– High Score Recording.

– Documentation Included.

– Design Included (PSD and PNG).

– You can Contact Me. (if you need any support).

How to play:

You bring down blocks from the top of the screen. You can move the blocks around, either left to right and you can rotate and mirror them. You have to build the box to fill the rows to remove the completed line. You can make them fall faster if you’re sure of your positioning. And collect the score.

About the Game and Files Included:

This game is a Tetris game. Tetris is a puzzle video game. This is a traditional Tetris game. If you want to redirect to the url with the score when the game is over or if you want to change some settings, I can do it for you. This game is developed by using Construct 3. Construct 3 file and HTML5 files are included with this package. You can change only images, sounds on html5. You can change anything on Construct 3. If you need additional changes let me know. I will do it for you. If you want to know anything about this product you can contact me.

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