Tower Boom – HTML5 Puzzle Game (Phaser 3)


Tower Boom – HTML5 Puzzle Game (Phaser 3)

Tower Boom is a puzzle physics-based demolition game, your mission is to destroy all towers by placing dynamites.

This game was developed in html5 / javascript, using Phaser 3 library (


Click anywhere on the screen to pick the dynamite, place it on the concrete, press detonator to explode all dynamites. Win each level by taking the rubble down under the limit line.


  • Physics puzzle game
  • 24 challenging levels
  • 640×960 resolution that scales to fit the screen device
  • Local storage (save current player score and level progress)
  • Run for both desktop and mobile


  • If you want to make an app from this game, you have to reskin or at least rebrand it.
  • We include a .FLA file in the package as a level editor, use Adobe Flash/Animate CC to open it.
  • You can replace the game images in /assets folder, the resolution of new image must be the same as the resolution of original image.
  • The ZIP package contains: a level editor in .fla, the documentation, the game file with source code ready to be edited, and the game file with the obfuscated code.
  • Not recommended for using this game in third party software (PhoneGap, Cordova, etc).

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