WooCommerce Save and Share Cart Plugin


WooCommerce Save and Share Cart Plugin

This module helps the admin to progress the shop by allowing users to save and share carts. Customers should be able to share their pre-made order cart with others. .

Allows for an unlimited number of pre-populated carts to be saved for later use. Customers can also use the list to search for their stored carts.

  • Allows you to save and share shopping carts with others.
  • Allows you to save your cart and check out later.
  • The customers can share their shopping carts with others.
  • Other users can use the shared cart to check out directly..
  • Works as a completed wishlist can be found in saved carts.
  • Sharing carts makes it simple to acquire customer service.
  • Users can also share carts via social networking apps. Moreover, the cart link can be copied and shared with others.
  • The admin can check the saved cart and the cart can also be shared by guest users.

1- To Pay, Save Cart & Share

Customers can save and share their carts, which will help the WooCommerce store grow.

2- Save Multiple Carts & Use Later

Customers can keep their carts and return them at a later time.

3- Search Your Cart Quickly

From the saved-cart list, perform a quick cart search.

4- Manage & Personalize Cart

Customers, as well as authorized individuals, can manage and personalize carts.

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