Wrap Fruits – Html5 (Construct3)


Wrap Fruits – Html5 (Construct3)

Guide Play Game

The game has a simple gameplay, you just need to click or touch on the fruit and swap according to the white squares suggested by the system.

The player must carefully calculate the number of moves that must be within the allowed range to make three of the same fruit in the same column or row together..then those fruits will be destroyed.

If the player destroys all the fruits in the allowed number of moves, the game wins and opens a new level. otherwise game over.

Featured  game.

– The game is made with construct3 and no other 3rd party libraries are used

– The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows…

– compatible with all the most popular web browsers today

– File include document, file .c3p, source html5 game

– Screen design 480×800

– Finger touch support game and mouse pc

– Documention change skin fruit, guide play game, guide add new level game

– Screens Include: Game Play , Game Home,   Game Compelete, Game Over

– We receive upgrades and develop more features of the game

– We ready upload game on server

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