Xmas Candy Survival – ( C3P + HTML5)


Xmas Candy Survival – ( C3P + HTML5)

Xmas Candy Survival is christmas game in which you have to destroy tile and land the xmas candy safely land. The game is physics based and contains different puzzles. Use your ideas and completed the game containing 30 unique levels. Relaxing music and sound effects are used. The game is fun to play and is addictive. Be sure to avoid lava!.

Game is made using Construct 3 Game Engine.

Controls: Destroy the ground by touching them.


-Mobile Optimized.

-Beautiful visuals.

-Relaxing sounds.

-Christmas fun.

-30 unique levels.

Files Included:

-Construct 3 source file

-Documentation file

-HTML5 Folder

-Graphics PNGs

-Assets used in game i.e graphics and audio files

I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this game template.

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