Stratum Mega Menu for Elementor


Stratum Mega Menu for Elementor

Want to build content-rich submenus with Elementor? Stratum Mega Menu is the only Elementor addon you need for creating fully responsive, advanced navigation menus, with any content type in the lower-level categories (submenus).

Horizontal Menu Vertical Menu

Thanks to the intuitive Elementor interface, this WordPress mega menu plugin allows you to visually customize every part of your menu, use any Elementor widgets inside submenus, and enable a hamburger menu for mobile devices.

This addon allows you to create menus using the dedicated mega menu Elementor widgets in the visual builder as well as customize the menu via the regular WordPress Appearance menu.

WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus > Edit individual item

Inside the menu item description, you can select the submenu alignment, choose an icon, and write a badge text. Make it more unique by choosing a text color, icon, badge text, and a background color for the badge.

With the Enable Mega Menu checkbox and Edit Mega Menu button, you can edit your menu using any widget you use in Elementor, which allows you to truly personalize your menus by virtually embedding your custom site content inside the menus.

Once you are finished with creating custom mega menus, go to your WP Dashboard > Pages > edit your page with the Edit with Elementor button and find the Mega Menu widget. Drag it to the page and select the name of the menu you just created in the Select Menu drop-down.

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