Total Survey – Responsive WordPress Survey Plugin


Total Survey – Responsive WordPress Survey Plugin

TotalSurvey is a powerful WordPress Survey Plugin that lets you conduct effective surveys that generate valuable and actionable insights.


The knowledge base covers every aspect of TotalSurvey functionality and provides step-by-step tutorials and guides to start with TotalSurvey in almost no time.


Customer support is our most important priority. That’s why ~70% of reviews are about support quality. We take this responsibility very seriously.


Hear what our customers are saying.

Features list


  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited entries
  • Unlimited content & fields blocks


  • Duplicate survey
  • Reset survey
  • Import survey
  • Export survey
  • Presets


  • Intuitive browser
  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the entries
  • Filter entries
  • Export entries
  • Delete entry
  • Print entry
  • Entry entry
  • Reset entries


  • Custom welcome & thank you message
  • Require authentication
  • Limit how many entries a user can submit by session, IP, and per user
  • Control the start or the end date of the survey
  • Redirect survey-takers to a specific URL
  • Allow survey takers to see and print their entry
  • Skip logic (jump logic) based on answers
  • Duplicate survey section
  • Reorder survey section
  • Content blocks: Title, image, spacer, embed, HTML
  • Fields blocks: Text, choices, multi-choices, scale, dropdown, text area, number, date, Likert, file, rating, image choice.


  • Colors controls
  • Elements size controls
  • Spacing between elements’ size controls
  • Roundness controls
  • Custom CSS


  • Shortcode
  • Survey & entry permalink
  • PHP Code
  • Popup (Modal) with the ability to control what pages should appear and the position of the prompt and close behavior.


  • Conditional logic
  • Send an email to the survey taker
  • Redirect to a specific URL (always or based on a set of conditions)
  • Execute WebHook
  • Execute WordPress hook

Insights & Reports

  • Insights per section
  • Export insights
  • Filter insights
  • Publish insights
  • Interactive charts
  • A recurring report in different intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, with the ability to customize the content of the report (survey sections to be included)
  • Instant report generation with the ability to send it by email.

Score & Grades

  • Scoring logic per section and question
  • Customizable grades: label, color, range, content
  • Points auto calculation
  • Rich grade message (blocks-based editor)
  • Grade and score are displayed within the entries list for a better overview.
  • Filter entries based on the score

Translations & Internationalization

  • Built-in translation editor: offer your survey in multiple languages, easy
  • Ability to filter texts by section-level and block-level
  • RTL support
  • TotalSurvey is available in English, Arabic, and French. We are adding and updating language files regularly.
  • The user’s language is stored within the entry information

General options

  • Privacy-enhancement options: Hash IP Addresses, Hash User Agents, Honor Do-Not-Track
  • Interface text customization: Change buttons, validation messages, and more.

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