WooCommerce NFT Importer – Data Fetcher via Cronjob (Addon)


WooCommerce NFT Importer – Data Fetcher via Cronjob (Addon)

NFT Data Fetcher via Cronjob: Is an addon for WooCommerce NFT Importer and is the perfect helper for those who are looking for fetching the details of a NFT in realtime. The NFT Importer core only imports the NFTs one time and doesn’t fetch the details in realtime. With the help of this addon, this problem is fulfilled.

Key Features:

  • Addon for WooCommerce NFT Importer. It requires the core plugin in order to be used on WCFM.
  • Fetch NFT details in realtime via cronjobs.
  • It is an addon for the core plugin “WooCommerce NFT Importer”.
  • Works with cPanel’s cronjobs or with EasyCrons (external cronjobs service).
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Extensive Offline & Online Documentation
  • Fast as lightning and easy to use
  • Build your NFT Marketplace with iBid NFT Marketplace theme – Live Demo

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