Wordpress Bulk Posts & Custom Posts Editing


WordPress Bulk Posts & Custom Posts Editing


WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin is the best extension to improve the default WordPress bulk edit feature for posts, custom posts and pages. On the other hand, WordPress Bulk Posts Editing is a professional WordPress plugin for managing and bulk editing WordPress posts, pages and custom post type’s data in a more robust and flexible way.

Saving your time:

  • Bulk editing everything in the posts at one time
  • Filter, select and change specific posts
  • Switch WordPress post types
  • Bind editing: With this option, you can set the same value of edited posts to all selected posts. This will help you edit several posts at once and will result in a faster editing and save a huge amount of your time!
  • Delete multiple post / custom post: You can select multiple posts and choose to either delete them permanently, or if you think you might need to use them later, it is possible to move them to the trash and access these posts later.
  • Duplicate posts / custom posts: If you want to duplicate posts or custom posts, you can clone them and duplicate all of the selected posts with just one click.
  • Save search queries for later use: You can save the most used search queries for later use (or any search query you want). This way, you don’t have to choose the search options every time, and with just two clicks you can use your most used search queries to find the posts you need.

Easily scale-up your site:

  • Import and export any posts according to your requirements
  • Make a customized column from your posts
  • Use a spreadsheet to control, manage and edit numerous posts at the same time:
    • View all your posts, pages and custom psots simultaneously
    • Edit posts and pages easily
    • Create a lot of posts / products at once
    • Copy information between posts quicker
    • And more…

Support all of fields

  • Support all posts and custom posts fields and custom fields
  • Support all of categories, tags, and taxonomies


Please check other videos in wordpress bulk posts editing channel

  • User friendly design
  • Support all of posts and custom posts
  • Filtering by all wordpress post/page/custom posts fields :: title, category, taxonomy, …
  • Advanced bulk editing form: edit all wordpress post/page/custom posts fields in specific operands :
    • Append, prepend, replace for text fields :: title, link and …
    • Increase, decrease for numberic fields
    • Calculator for decimal values
    • Featured image and gallery
    • Date picker for date fields
    • Multiple selection :: category, taxonomy, tag
    • And …
  • Show/Hide columns
  • Column manager:
    • Set color and BG color for columns
    • Set custom label for columns
  • Create posts and custom posts
  • Duplicate posts
  • Delete several posts with one click.
  • Set category and taxonomy for multiple posts at once
  • Inline edit: edit values in separate types: numeric, text, date, checkbox and …
  • Save search form query
  • Add custom fields / taxonomy as columns, search field and bulk edit field
  • Import / Export
  • Binded editing : edit several posts at once.
  • History: Save all of change log beside of Undo / Redo :: You can revert your changes.
  • Sticky column: fix ID column
  • Find duplicate posts and delete all of them easily
  • Support all WordPress Posts fields

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